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Audience of One

We are the sum of a thousand lives

Stuck in a holding pattern...
11 October
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  • mis_creation@livejournal.com
Perhaps I am a miscreation,
All I know is the truth:
There is no future here.
~ Dar Williams "Are You Out There?"

I am ... well, pretty boring, really. I've lived in the same house in the same neighborhood in the same family in the same town (excepting four semesters at uni) all my life. I'm now gainfully (though not richly...) employed at my local library. I have a decent social life mostly revolving around geeky things like TV shows and other fannish things.

In basic statistics:

~ female
~ 26 years old
~ fangirl
~ single
~ employed and still broke, looking for a second job
~ (trying to be a) writer
~ computer addict
~ recovering college student
~ ...but looking to go back in a few years for my master's in something-or-other

Links for Fun and Good Comics:

Something Positive
Punch and Pie
Girls With Slingshots
Menage a 3
The Devil's Panties
Geebas on Parade
El Goonish Shive
Count Your Sheep
Piled Higher and Deeper
Three Panel Soul
Questionable Content

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