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Four days since the last post. But two of those days were spent doing work not involving staring at a computer screen, so I guess that's a win.

Biggest news in my world right now is that the re-opening of my library has been moved back three days, to Friday the 13th. Whee! This gives our department, at least, so much more time to cope with changes and make things work just a little better. We lost some workers (not related to the closure, just shitty circumstances), but we're not hiring because my supervisor doesn't want to be training someone while we have so much chaos. Understandable.

So, work is starting up again. Until we re-open, I'll just have circulation shifts, going in and prepping for opening. Starting Monday, I'll be back with my full-time schedule again. Hmm. I should either make some things to bring for dinners four days a week, or go and buy something for that.

I can't go grocery shopping for myself just yet, unless I can get together with my friends and get the last of my money for pet-sitting. That would be good. Oh, and I do have a check of Christmas money from my uncle that I can cash. That should at least get my kitty her food and litter. I should do that soon.

I was mad social in the last week. Spent several days hanging out with people, and lots of talking and catching up with friends I hadn't seen in a while. It was good, but. Maybe I shouldn't cluster the social-ness so much. I felt a little drained afterwards.

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